Environmental Services

We have provided environmental studies for a variety of private and public agencies.

certified professionals

Angle Engineering employs certified environmental managers and registered geological and civil engineers to perform environmental assessment throughout Nevada.  Since the business opened, we have developed extensive experience within the Clark County area.  We have provided environmental studies for a variety of private and public agencies.  These studies have been anywhere from simple and straight forward to extremely difficult and sensitive in nature.   We have encountered a variety of contamination including but not limited to hydrocarbon, acid, PCB, pesticides, heavy metals, biochemical, mercury, etc.  Our professional staff has had to analyze data, define the problems, review regulatory standards, coordinate with regulatory agencies, recommend remedial action, pre-qualify licensed contractors, monitor the corrective measures, and make recommendations for closure to Nevada Department of Environmental Protection (NDEP).

Phase I and Phase II Environmental studies

Qualified Angle employees have the ability to provide Phase I and Phase II Environmental studies in a timely manner and cost effective way.

For Phase I Environmental studies, a field survey will be conducted to record any visible signs of possible contamination.  In addition, local, state and federal agencies will be contacted to obtain information concerning possible violations within a 1 mile radius of the site.  Files of such violations will be reviewed and comments and conclusions presented.  In addition, aerial photographs will be viewed, people with historic knowledge about the project will be interviewed, and other known studies near the site will be reviewed.  Upon compilation of all the information, an engineering analysis will be made and a report prepared.

Follow-up services for a Phase II Environmental Study will be provided should such services be needed as a result of the Phase I Study.  Phase II studies will include a field drilling and sampling program to determine the plume of contamination.  Upon determination of test hole locations, the drilling operation will be conducted.  During the drilling operation, soil and/or groundwater samples will be taken and returned to the laboratory for testing.

Laboratory testing

Laboratory testing will be conducted by a third party analytical laboratory to determine the characteristics, chemical contents, and extent of contamination.  Upon completion of field and laboratory testing, the project engineer will conduct engineering analyses of the results to determine, if necessary, any remedial action required to have the site comply with regulations.  The final report will include all graphical and tabular data generated during the field and laboratory work, along with written conclusions and recommendations generated during our engineering analyses.

Angle will assist the owner in ensuring that the environmental report is performed in accordance with the local, state, and federal standards.  In addition, we will work closely with the owner’s representative in communicating results and recommendations as soon as they are available.