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Our Geotechnical Engineering Services include the initial investigation, taking field soils samples, laboratory testing, seismic analysis, engineering analysis, and finally, designs for foundations, streets sections and other structural components dependent upon geotechnical data.

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Our Environmental Services focus largely on Phase I Environmental Assessments to facilitate our clients’ development projects. This includes a site visit and records research. We also provide Phase II services, when necessary.

Angle Engineering provides Special Inspection Services to residential, commercial, and public clients. These services are defined in the International Building Code and are required by local agencies. For most development projects, special inspections focus on Grading, Concrete, Masonry, and Structural Steel.

Angle Engineering performs Construction Materials Testing for soils, concrete and asphalt both in the field and in our laboratory. Our in-house laboratory, accredited by AASHTO is where testing is performed for geotechnical analyses, special inspections, and general construction activities.

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Geotechnical Engineering

Angle Engineering employs registered Geological Engineers and Civil Engineers to perform Geotechnical Engineering throughout Nevada.


Environmental Services

We have provided environmental studies for a variety of private and public agencies.


Special Inspection

Angle Engineering has performed special inspections throughout Nevada for many years.


construction Materials Testing

We have provided testing services on projects with collapsible silts, and clays, on chemically and physically expansive soils, cemented materials (caliche), soft soils, hillsides, and challenging soils and groundwater conditions.



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